Our Product Philosophy

To us, “Nature is beauty and simplicity” and we take these concepts as the key philosophy for every product created. We keep our products simple yet unique with quality and attention to detail. We value styles that are timeless and wearable. Also, we appreciate the best craft and see values for our customers to understand the meaningful journey of the products’ creation. 

To pursue Blue Nails’ philosophy, we designed and developed all the relevant components to craft the best Natural Blue products. 

Blue Nails developed our own fabric. We started from selecting the right cotton species to design our own yarn that best absorbs and exhibits the vivid color and glow of Natural Indigo dye. We do this by adapting our process to the precious Natural Blue heritage, wisdom, culture and lives of the local artisans without interrupting their lifelong preserved tradition.

Blue Nails also designed our own weave structure. We carefully select the suited loom and machine that varies by product. The fabric for Natural Blue products required time and patience, thus very little could be weaved. Blue Nails understands this fact and determines not to focus on quantity but on creating the right fabric for our products with utmost care. 

We are proud of every Natural Blue products created. Each of which takes an average of 8 months to delicately finish the craft one by one. We made them from the passion in Natural Blue Heritage and our more than 30 years of expertise in textile. We have our own in-house production so we could emphasize on every detail from cutting and sewing the products with great precision to finishing the products with drying and ironing for the final quality check. We designed the products for the wearer’s priority of comfort and the ease to live the Natural Blue lifestyle.

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