About Blue Nails

Originally founded with a pure passion to create quality clothing from natural materials, Blue Nails was inspired by the humble dedication of local Thai artisans with fingers tipped in Natural Indigo dye.

Though Natural Indigo can be dyed in several ways, Blue Nails chose the one we most valued and is the closest to our heart called “Natural Blue” or our “Siamese Blue”, which is Thai Traditional Natural Indigo Hand Dyed.

The love of natural blue color led us to an intensive research on Natural Siamese Blue and Thai local artisans’ wisdom. It took Blue Nails more than 8 years to understand and develop the right products from it. We studied Natural Indigo history that lasts more than thousands of years and found numbers of interesting stories from Thailand as well as every continent of the world. This shows long familiarity and appreciation of the Natural Blue color to our mankind. Thus, to revive the beauty of the heritage, Blue Nails has never stopped trying to create quality Natural Blue products and presented them to the modern world.

Blue Nails will tirelessly carry on the Natural Siamese Blue Heritage by bringing up its real values to the society and to create the community for Natural Blue Artisan and for those who love, support and appreciate the Natural blue. We believe this will best preserve and revive the heritage we dearly cherish not only in Thailand but in the world.

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